OSI: A Security Screening Leader
Our Security division is a leading supplier of screening solutions that help governments, corporations, law enforcement and military organizations around the world combat terrorism, drug and weapons smuggling, illegal immigration and trade fraud with speed and confidence while maximizing operational efficiency and meeting the most stringent security regulations and standards.

Our world-wide Security service network is committed to providing “best in class” support across the globe, ensuring that systems are maintained and serviced in the most timely and effective manner possible.

The Right Solution to Meet Your Screening Objectives
With our extensive industry knowledge and broad product portfolio, we specialize in solving complex security needs. We focus on providing products, services and solutions that meet demanding security requirements while simultaneously offering customers outstanding value for their security screening operations.

Our products and services from Rapiscan® Systems and American Science and Engineering (AS&E®) brands utilize multiple inspection technologies and advanced threat identification algorithms for baggage and parcel inspection, cargo and vehicle inspection, hold baggage and people screening, radiation detection, and explosive and narcotics trace detection.

Our S2 Global brand provides innovative turnkey cargo screening solutions to streamline operations and increase revenue at ports, borders, security checkpoints, airports and high-threat facilities.

We Continue to Enhance Our Product and Solutions Offerings