OSI Systems develops innovative products and services that create customer value, demonstrates operational excellence by ensuring industry leading product performance, and seeks to create a work environment of trust and respect that recognizes and rewards job performance.
OSI Systems strives to foster a culture of compliance, honesty and accountability to maintain our strong reputation and preserve the trust of our customers, shareholders, and communities.
In all that we do, we insist that our values guide our conduct, and our conduct represents our values.

• We are honest and ethical.

• We address issues openly and directly.
• We demonstrate respect for our colleagues and customers.

• We do what we say we will do.
• We take personal responsibility for achieving results.
• We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes.

• We encourage innovation and creativity in everything we do.

• We develop products which create value for our customers.
• We anticipate and adapt to market needs and trends.

• We collaborate and support each other.

• We strive to live our values and achieve the Company’s mission.
• We challenge each other to be efficient and productive.