Connecting Innovation with Care
Our Healthcare division, primarily provided under the Spacelabs brand name, designs and manufactures advanced patient monitoring devices, diagnostic cardiology devices, software, and supplies and accessories, which allow clinicians to focus on the needs and best care experience for their patients. Spacelabs is committed to delivering continuous innovation in healthcare technology that enables better clinical and economic outcomes. We provide scalable solutions to caregivers and clinicians by delivering critical patient data across local and remote systems, enabling better informed decisions, increasing efficiencies, and creating a safer environment for the patient for use in critical care, emergency, and perioperative areas within hospitals, as well as physicians’ offices, medical clinics, and ambulatory surgery centers.

Our award-winning service and support teams, combined with comprehensive training and implementation, further reinforce our commitment to providing innovative care solutions.

We are committed to leading innovation in healthcare technology and working as a dedicated partner with our customers.