Helping Our Customers Solve Real-World Problems

In a world where threats continue to evolve and concealment techniques are becoming more sophisticated, our customers are facing more complex, difficult missions than ever. Our Security division’s industry expertise and broad array of screening systems and solutions ensure we can define and deliver the ideal solution for each mission.

In an era when better communications and digital tools are revolutionizing healthcare, innovative patient monitoring and information systems enables clinicians to access and document real-time patient information, helping them make critical decisions quickly and seamlessly. Connectivity and accessibility of information is at the core of our offerings from our Healthcare division.

Optoelectronics and Manufacturing
Businesses are continually seeking cost effective, engineering solutions coupled with efficient electronics manufacturing services. As one of the largest global manufacturers of custom semiconductor-based optoelectronic components and value-added sub-systems optoelectronic devices, we deliver engineering design expertise and global manufacturing capabilities for use in a broad range of applications.