Sensors, Detectors, and Electronics
Our OSI Optoelectronics and Manufacturing division designs, develops and manufactures OEM and customs solutions for leading technologies and industries for use in a broad range of applications, including aerospace and defense electronics, security and inspection systems, medical imaging and diagnostics systems, telecommunications, office automation, computer peripherals, industrial automation systems, automotive diagnostic systems, gaming systems and consumer products. Optoelectronics also offer value-added services including engineering support, sub-assembly and electronic device manufacturing.

Vertical Integration
The Optoelectronics and Manufacturing division is also a critical supplier of key components for our Security and Healthcare divisions. Through this vertical integration, we can improve our supply chain coordination and be more responsive to customer requirements.

As one of the largest photodiode manufacturers in the world, OSI Optoelectronics has a global footprint with world-class manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, U.S., Mexico, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Our facilities are registered to manufacture in accordance with the Aerospace, Medical, and Automobile standards.